Buyers don’t buy your services. Buyers buy you. Find out how to become a trusted advisor.

Think about the last sale you made. Now, think about why you made that sale. Was your buyer impressed by the features and benefits of your product ? By the outcomes or improvements you would said you’d deliver ? By the academic rigor of your research, or the bulletproof evidence that supported your thinking ?

Chances are, the answer is no.

There is an old saying in sales, that goes “people buy from people they like”. Maybe that was true at some point, but in a shaky economy and inside the pressure cooker that corporate executives live in every day – they now buy from people they trust.

That could be you.

How To Become A Trusted Advisor With Charles H Green

And even though they may not come out and say it, most buyers place a high premium on trust when deciding who to work with. If you want to know how to establish trust more easily and connect with others, find out how to become a trusted advisor in this interview with Charles H Green:

  • How Charles learned his first lesson about trust from a trip to the sandpaper manufacturer
  • Why trust matters more than anything when you are selling services
  • How opening up and showing your vulnerable side can help you make more sales
  • The Ten Fundamental Truths of trust-based selling
  • “The Trust Equation”: four key components to establish and measure trust
  • Charlie’s five-step process for building trust with clients, buyers (and your teenage kid)

In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, trust is fast becoming the universal currency with which we build our reputations, gain access to those that matter and establish long lasting bonds that span across continents and corporate boundaries.

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