Ever wonder how some people just seem to get ALL the business ? That’s what happens when you become a Visible Expert.

Reputation is everything. And unless you stand out, you don’t stand a chance.

Tired of pounding the pavement ? Endless hours of cold calling ? Going to networking meetings and never getting anywhere ?

Fact is, there is an entirely different game being played. And unless you understand the rules, you’re going nowhere. Fast.

In a world where competition is increasing, budgets are shrinking and everybody with a business card is now called a “consultant”, building your expert brand is not optional.

It is vital.

How To Become A Visible Expert With Lee Frederiksen

Watch this interview with Lee Frederiksen, managing partner of Hinge Marketing, and find out how to become a Visible Expert:

  • Why you should seriously consider becoming a visible expert
  • How you and your company can benefit from being seen as a Visible Expert
  • Lee’s  3-step process for building your Visible Expert reputation in a hurry
  • The top mistakes to avoid when you’re building your celebrity status (hint: think first)
  • What to do if you have no time to spare – and where to focus first
  • How to keep going, and what creative examples you can look to for inspiration
  • The first thing you need to do right after watching this interview
  • Seriously – the first thing you need to do right NOW after watching this interview

And by the way – that white paper I mentioned in the interview ? You can download that here.

But before you run off and become a visible expert (like the next Seth Godin), let Lee and I know what you thought. Are you finding it difficult to stand out from the crowd ? How will you use the three-step process and put it into action ? What examples can you share of how being “slightly famous” helped you build your business ?

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