Sales Training Techniques: 5 Keys To Sales Training That Sticks

Sales Training Techniques

When it comes to teaching sales training techniques in a way that delivers actual, real-life results, the industry I work in has a pretty bad track record. Depending on who you believe, anywhere from 50 to 90% of all sales training has no effect whatsoever in the long run. Problem is, sales training techniques in…

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Open Ended Sales Questions: 5 Questions You Should Be Asking Every Buyer

Open ended sales questions

When I’m asked what most sellers can do in order to virtually instantly improve their results, my answer is often simple: ask better questions. The quality of your sales depends on the quality of your conversations. Let that sink in for a second. The quality of your sales. Depends. On the quality of your conversations. Questions…

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Successful Sales Meetings: Why Focusing On “Pain” Isn’t (Nearly) Enough

Sales training 13

Your time is precious. And you want more successful sales meetings. You’ve been told to “focus on the pain”. And you’ve been doing just that. The problem is – it hasn’t worked so far. But don’t worry: it isn’t you. It’s your focus. You see, successful sales meetings depend on your ability to answer two basic…

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Follow Up Sales Email: How To Build A Follow Up Sequence That Rocks

Successful Sales Meetings

Sometimes reaching out to potential buyers can run longer than you expected, and keeping your prospect engaged can be a real challenge. When simple “what’s up ?” follow up emails won’t cut it, here are 5 techniques to maintain interest and keep your prospects engaged. Generally speaking, a successful follow up sales email sequence aims…

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How To Apply The Reciprocity Rule In Sales

Sales Training 2

If you’ve read Robert Cialdini’s excellent book “Influence: The Science of Persuasion”, you’ve probably heard of the so-called Reciprocity Rule. Basically, it states that by giving away something first, you’ll be in a much better position to ask for something in return later. Cialdini makes various observations around this strategy: first, there is no correlation…

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Sales Techniques: 5 Easy Steps For Objection Handling

Sales Training 5

Objection handling is one of the most misunderstood and under appreciated aspects of selling. Inexperienced sellers will invariably see objections as a negative. But, in truth, objections are hidden buying signals. They’re like gold when you first find it: dusty lumps of earth, coated in mud and muck – not much to look at, and easy…

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Sales Strategy: how the Pareto Law transformed my business and life

Sales Training 4

I take it you’ve heard of the Pareto Law – otherwise known as the 80 20 rule. Put shortly, the Pareto Law states that a small minority will have a disproportionate impact, generate a disproportionate share of results, or cause a disproportionate amount of trouble. Intuitively, we all “know” this to be true. But very, very…

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Sales Techniques: 3 Golden Rules To Get Referrals & Introductions

Sales training 12

How to get referrals – if it’s not on your mind already, it should be. Wonder why ? According to Hinge Marketing (“Inside The Buyer’s Brain”), when looking for a new professional services firm, over 70% of B2B buyers turn to a friend or colleague for a recommendation. To give you an idea of how important…

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Sales Strategy: From Good To Great

Sales Training 2

I owe a debt of gratitude to Jim Collins, author of the timeless classic “From Good To Great”. Jim made me see that the real enemy of great isn’t bad – it’s good. Since first reading the book, I’ve found countless applications of his thinking – in business, and in life. Depending on what part of…

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