How To Close A Sale: What Sales Winners Do Differently


If you’ve ever wondered how to close a sale, but then lost out to a competitor, you’ve pondered this question. “What did they have (that I didn’t)” ? As it turns out, it’s not so much about what they have, but about what they do. Specifically, what sales winners do differently is this: they bring…

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Selling To The C-Suite ? 5 Questions To Ask Before The Meeting

Selling To The C-Suite

As a former management consultant, corporate executive and entrepreneur, I’ve sat in on more meetings with senior executives than I care to remember. Most went OK. Some were great. And some went horribly wrong. So what was the difference ? Invariably, I found that a big part of the difference was made by whether or…

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3 Steps To Success With Social Selling

Success With Social Selling

“Does social selling really work ?”. An impossible question to answer. Because the right question to ask isn’t if it works, but how it works. I rely heavily on using social selling strategies in my own sales process. I use social media to research prospects, build relationships, establish my personal brand, connect with decision makers and…

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Lead Generation Online For Sellers (With Anthony Iannarino)

How does a former rock band frontman transform himself into one of the world’s most prolific, respected and well-read bloggers ? And how on earth does he manage to run (and expand) his business whilst blogging every single day ? I wanted to get Anthony on for a very simple reason: when it comes to blogging…

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Selling Myths Debunked (With Dan Waldschmidt)

Dan Waldschmidt

Selling myths. When I reached out to Dan Waldschmidt, I knew this was going to be an interview like no other. You see, Dan has a bit of a rep when it comes to how he sees the world. Tom Searcy (whose interview you can find here) says he “cuts like a battleaxe to the…

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Become A Visible Expert (Featuring Lee Frederiksen)

Ever wonder how some people just seem to get ALL the business ? That’s what happens when you become a Visible Expert. Reputation is everything. And unless you stand out, you don’t stand a chance. Tired of pounding the pavement ? Endless hours of cold calling ? Going to networking meetings and never getting anywhere…

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Persuade With Visual Thinking (Dan Roam)

Imagine what would happen if you could help your prospect SEE what you meant ? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual thinking at work. Feel like your message isn’t being heard ? Not seeing the kind of sales you’d like ? Feel like you’re not getting your point across ? Maybe…

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How To Launch A Movement (With Alexander Osterwalder)

Find out how Alex turned a doctoral thesis on a niche topic like business models into a runaway bestseller and a highly rewarding career as an entrepreneur, speaker, author and consultant to some of the greatest companies on the planet. Writing a bestseller (like Business Model Generation) is a great way to build your reputation…

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