What if you could close a deal like Warren Buffett ? Imagine you could get inside the head of the world’s most famous dealmaker. What could the world’s most famous investor teach you about selling ?

In this episode of the Coaching Masters Series, I hunted down Tom Searcy, and got him on to talk about his book “How to close a deal like Warren Buffett” – and what he personally learned from getting inside the mind of Warren Buffett.

Tom is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and one of the world’s most prominent experts on large account sales. His methods of unlocking explosive growth were developed through years of real-world success. By the age of 40, he had led four corporations, transforming annual revenues of less than $15 million to more than $100 million in each case. And he wrote three books.

What can I say: the man’s been busy.

How To Close A Deal Like Warren Buffett

Here is what you’ll get from investing 30 minutes of your time, and watching this interview with Tom:

  • What Warren Buffett can teach us about sales
  • Why “more and more of the same” is not going to land you bigger deals
  • What to do instead (or how to go Whale Hunting)
  • The difference between business impact and budget impact
  • How to stop thinking like a salesperson, and start thinking like a dealmaker
  • A sense of what can start happening when we start playing a bigger game
  • Why [tweetherder]Big people with Big problems don’t buy little solutions[/tweetherder]
  • How to fight your fears, and do the scary things that will earn your prospect’s trust 
  • The Top–3 lessons Tom learned from Warren Buffett (there’s 98 others here)

Take 30 minutes out of your day, and watch this interview. Tom has some surprising insights to share on what it takes to make larger sales, and how to shift your mindset from thinking in terms of your next transaction to thinking 3-4 deals out.

Because, [tweetherder]if you really want to make it big, you are not going to get there by playing small[/tweetherder]. Right ?

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