Objection Handling: 5 Easy Steps To Get Past “But …” And Close The Sale.


Objection handling is one of the most misunderstood and under appreciated aspects of selling. Inexperienced sellers will invariably see objections as a negative. But, in truth, objections are hidden buying signals. They’re like gold when you first find it: dusty lumps of earth, coated in mud and muck – not much to look at, and easy…

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The Pareto Law: how the 20 80 rule transformed (my) thinking, business and life

Pareto Law 2

I take it you’ve heard of the Pareto Law – otherwise known as the 80 20 rule. Put shortly, the Pareto Law states that a small minority will have a disproportionate impact, generate a disproportionate share of results, or cause a disproportionate amount of trouble. Intuitively, we all “know” this to be true. But very, very…

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From good to great: why the enemy of great is good

From good to great

I owe a debt of gratitude to Jim Collins, author of the timeless classic “From Good To Great”. Jim made me see that the real enemy of great isn’t bad – it’s good. Since first reading the book, I’ve found countless applications of his thinking – in business, and in life. Depending on what part of…

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Trust Sells: Gaining The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Trust Sells

Trust sells. In a world where many markets are increasingly commoditised, vendors are overwhelmed with information and a plethora of options present themselves to solve a single problem, a powerful shortcut exists in the decision making process. In RAIN Group’s recent research around “What Sales Winners Do Differently”, 3 out of the Top–10 factors that makes…

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Sales Skills: 3 Crucial Sales Skills To Stay On Track And Future-Proof Your Sales Career

Sales Skills

There’s a lot of talk about which sales skills sellers need to be successful today – but what sales skills will be required for success tomorrow ? For several years now, I have been noticing a subtle but profound shift in the sales skills, attributes and competences sellers need in order to sell successfully and…

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The Competitive Differentiation Myth: Don’t Stand Out. Blend In.

Competitive Differentiation

One of the most frequent questions I get relates to competitive differentiation: how to “stand out” in a crowded marketplace. Many of my clients in professional, financial or technology services spend a good amount of time wondering how they can help clients see how their firm is different. The underlying implication is that different =…

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Uncovered: The Only 3 Sales Questions You’ll Ever Need


Sales questions. Ask the right ones, and you’ll build trust, uncover opportunities and cement your relationship as a trusted advisor. Ask the wrong ones, and you’ll become known as “a salesperson”. Voltaire once said “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Yet, it seems that most sellers do a poor job of asking…

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Sales tips: The New “ABC Of Selling”


One of the most iconic sales tips of all time must be “Always Be Closing”. For decades, sellers worldwide have been told to close left and right. There were pre-closes, trial closes, post-closes and probably closes upon closes. However, like most “tactics”, sales tips have a limited shelf life. The fact of the matter is that…

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Selling Benefits Or Features ? Stop. (How To) Sell Value Instead (Mike Genstil)

Mike Genstil Coaching Masters

Stop selling features. Start selling benefits. Once upon a time, that was solid advice. The idea was that what buyers were really interested in was the (positive) result you could get them – not the bells and whistles of your product. But in today’s environment of complex buying cycles, risk-averse behavior and increasing complexity in how…

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