Sometimes reaching out to potential buyers can run longer than you expected, and keeping your prospect engaged can be a real challenge. When simple “what’s up ?” follow up emails won’t cut it, here are 5 techniques to maintain interest and keep your prospects engaged.

Generally speaking, a successful follow up sales email sequence aims to add value and makes it about them – not you. With that in mind, here are five follow up sales email techniques that will deliver results, and get your closer to the sale.

Tell them something new

Research at RAIN Group has shown that one of the biggest differentiators – making buyers choose one firm over the other – is because “the seller educates with new ideas and perspectives”. In short: make sure your follow up sequence adds new information, new ideas and you’re off to a good start,

Tell a better story

Given that you are providing this new information and ideas, it is important to help your prospects understand it by “putting it into context”, and explaining the “why” behind the facts you’re sharing with them. Information is good, stories are better.

Deliver “value” in multiple ways

Don’t always send the same research, or white papers – your career has no doubt helped you connect with dozens or hundreds of interesting people. Your prospects care about those connections too. Introductions are tremendously valuable and important , especially when they include a common theme: industry, challenge, region.

Give them a “taster”

Instead of just sending them the information, try giving your potential clients a sample. Walk them through a problem they are faced with that may seem like a mountain to them, but that is a mere ant hill to you. Try to think about things you’ve done time and time again – and “do it for them”.

Build an in-crowd

Sharing exclusive or “gated” access to information is great, but it gets better when there’s only so much to go around. For your most promising prospects, try to create an experience that is both valuable and unique.

Five ways to quickly build value in your in follow up sales emails, and make sure your prospects stay engaged and interested. Try one (or all) of these technique in yours marketing campaigns and do me a favour: drop me a line or leave a comment below, and tell me what results you got.

Follow Up Sales E mail Techniques: Building A Follow Up E-mail Sequence