How To Get Referrals: 3 Golden Rules To Get More Referrals & Introductions

how to get referrals

How to get referrals – if it’s not on your mind already, it should be. Wonder why ? According to Hinge Marketing (“Inside The Buyer’s Brain”), when looking for a new professional services firm, over 70% of B2B buyers turn to a friend or colleague for a recommendation. To give you an idea of how important…

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Trust Sells: Gaining The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Trust Sells

Trust sells. In a world where many markets are increasingly commoditised, vendors are overwhelmed with information and a plethora of options present themselves to solve a single problem, a powerful shortcut exists in the decision making process. In RAIN Group’s recent research around “What Sales Winners Do Differently”, 3 out of the Top–10 factors that makes…

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Sales Skills: 3 Crucial Sales Skills To Stay On Track And Future-Proof Your Sales Career

Sales Skills

There’s a lot of talk about which sales skills sellers need to be successful today – but what sales skills will be required for success tomorrow ? For several years now, I have been noticing a subtle but profound shift in the sales skills, attributes and competences sellers need in order to sell successfully and…

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The Competitive Differentiation Myth: Don’t Stand Out. Blend In.

Competitive Differentiation

One of the most frequent questions I get relates to competitive differentiation: how to “stand out” in a crowded marketplace. Many of my clients in professional, financial or technology services spend a good amount of time wondering how they can help clients see how their firm is different. The underlying implication is that different =…

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Selling Professional Services: Winning The Professional Services Sale

Selling Professional Services

If you’re selling professional services, you may have found recent years to be particularly challenging. As someone who spent close to two decades buying and selling professional services, I’ve certainly noticed a change or two. More and more competitors are entering the same space. The big ones are going after smaller gigs, and boutique firms…

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“Selling Services”: How To Win More Business Without Selling Your Soul

David Tovey Coaching Masters

Some people selling services I meet don’t really like the word “selling”. Many of them somehow equate it with manipulation, dishonesty and getting others to do what you want – whether it’s right for them or not. Some people selling services may want to rethink their mindset about selling. If it ever was – selling…

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How To Sell To Senior Executives & The C-Suite (Stephen Bistritz)

Steve Bistritz Coaching Masters

Many wonder how to sell to senior executives, or CxOs. Few succeed. The business of selling to seasoned corporate execs is not “business as usual”. Yet, for the few who manage to “crack the code” of how to sell to senior executives, many benefits await – often transforming their careers, businesses and lives. How To Sell…

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How To Generate Leads & Build A Predictable Revenue Stream (Aaron Ross)

Aaron Ross3

If you’ve ever wondered how to generate leads and build a predictable revenue stream, you’re not alone. For the past few years, I’ve made a habit out of asking pretty much everyone I meet (professionally) the same question. “What is your #1 issue or challenge that – if you could just solve it – would…

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How To Close A Sale: What Sales Winners Do Differently


If you’ve ever wondered how to close a sale, but then lost out to a competitor, you’ve pondered this question. “What did they have (that I didn’t)” ? As it turns out, it’s not so much about what they have, but about what they do. Specifically, what sales winners do differently is this: they bring…

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