Finding it hard to get your prospect’s attention ? How many e-mails do you get per day ? And how many of those have attachments ? Think you get a lot ? Imagine you’re a corporate executive. Now take that number, and multiply it by a factor of ten. Now you’re getting close.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The real reason it is getting harder to get your prospects attention is not because they are busy (they’ve always been busy). It’s because there is simply too much information coming at them. E-mails, voicemails, phone calls, cards, letters, brochures, meeting requests, Tweets and status updates. 24/7.

It’s like a tap that never stops running.

In the mind of your prospect, a bulky attachment to an e-mail is equivalent to one thing: SPAM. It’s not that they don’t want your information, it’s that they want it in three ways: easily accessible, clearly presented and there when they are ready to take a look at it.

None of which happens in your e-mail inbox.

How to get your prospect’s attention – with Cliff Pollan

Watch this TechTalk interview with Postwire founder Cliff Pollan, and find out:

  • What Postwire is, and how it can help you break through the clutter and get your prospect’s attention
  • How it helps you send information exactly the way your prospect wants  (instead of adding to the information avalanche)
  • Why you’ll want to check it out (if you’re in sales, in PR, in marketing, or in anything where you need to transfer information)
  • Why you’ll never have to wonder “did my prospect get that information I sent ?”
  • Some cool and creative ways in which others are using Postwire


A picture equals a thousands words. To give you a sense of what Postwire can do check out this resource page. You’ll find a couple of cool surprises, and you can get in on the deal Cliff mentions at the end of the interview.