What happened to the traditional “line in the sand” between sales and marketing ?

In the second of a six-part interview series with Swiss Financial News Channel Dukascopy TV, we discuss:

  • How the traditional “line in the sand” between sales & marketing has all but disappeared
  • How marketing has moved from a focus on brand to a focus on ROI and accountability
  • What (significant) benefits companies that successfully align marketing and sales can expect
  • A simple five-step process to get marketing and sales to work together more closely (without a carrot or a stick in sight)
  • What this new relationship between marketing and sales means if you’re selling professional or financial services

If you’re in sales or marketing, how have you found both worlds have changed in recent years ? Is there more “pressure to perform” ? Have you been working together more closely ? And – if not – has this interview given you any ideas on how to get ahead of your competitors by joining forces ?

Let me know in the comments below – and stay tuned for part 3 of the series, where we talk about “Playing A Bigger Game. BIG Game Selling”.

Or watch part 1 “Five Trends That Are Changing The Way We Sell”.