Sales e-mail. What if a nifty little tool called Tout app was able to shave 30-60 minutes off your workday ? By simply streamlining your sales e-mail ?

No doubt you’ve noticed that anywhere from 40-60% of all the e-mail you send is pretty similar. Meeting confirmations, proposal e-mails, follow-up e-mails. You name it. And no doubt you’ve also noticed that you spend quite a bit of time typing away on your keyboard.

Still typing all those repetitive e-mails by hand ? Using copy/paste ? Attaching documents to each and every one separately ? If you are, you’re in for a treat.

In this first interview in the TechTalk Series, I sit down with Tawheed Kader (“TK”), CEO of Toutapp. TK and I talk about how Toutapp can help you (that’s right, you) be more productive, waste massively less time on repetitive sales e-mail, track results and a whole lot more.

How To Put Your E-Mail On Steroids With ToutApp (Tech Talk)

Watch this 25-minute interview with TK, and find out:

  • How Tout can help you waste less time, get rid of repetitive tasks and sell more
  • The most common problems sellers have, and how Tout helps solve them
  • Core ways in wich Tout helps eliminate “busywork” and streamlines sales e-mail
  • Examples of how others (your competition ?) are using Tout to sell more
  • Some of the most surprising and creative ways people are using Tout
  • What “Tout For Tout” is all about (and how they’re changing the world a little)

In the interview, TK graciously offered a 30-day free trial (up from the usual 14 days), and a free consultation with a Chief Happiness Officer to get you started. If you’d like to take advantage of his offer, just click here (no affiliate).

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