Sales productivity is one of the most powerful ways to boost your everyday performance, and – over time – boost your sales. In this post, I take a deeper dive into 21 powerful tips for boosting your sales productivity.

This is Part 2 of a post on 21 sales productivity tips – check out Part 1 here.

 Think outside the box

12. (Re)define your target segment

Most of us have a vague understanding of what our ideal clients look like. We often know their industry, geographical location and probably some of their titles. Problem is, we may be selling to the right kind of people, but not the best kind.

Every so often, I like to experiment with redefining my target segment or audience. Maybe I’ll look into it entirely new category of titles. Start bottom-up instead of top-down. Or look at an entirely new industry niche segment altogether. Almost always yielding surprising results.

13.Try some new tools

I’m a huge fan of sales productivity tips, and we truly live in the Golden age when it comes to finding easy-to-implement, cost-effective tools that can have a dramatic impact on your sales results. From marketing automation to sales 2.0 tools, I’m always looking for new tools that can help me be more productive, gain valuable time and serve my clients better.

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14. Automate a few things

Even though I’m not a huge fan of their food, McDonald’s has mastered the art of automating and standardizing processes to such a degree that it has allowed them to build a global presence, and one of the strongest brands on the planet.

And now, with the power of technology at your fingertips, you can do the same. Start by identifying some routine, low value added activities that you have to do every single day or week. Then, try to find clever ways of automating those, either in part or whole – meaning you can now forget about them, and spend your time doing more of the things that actually deliver results.

15. Get some outside help

Even though you may not formally have an assistant, there are many options to get some outside help for low value-added, routine tasks and activities. From hiring a virtual assistant on oDesk to mentoring a junior talent in exchange for some help on designing a proposal, many clever ways to outsource means you have more time to focus on high value added, strategic activities.

16. Try something new every quarter

One of the most powerful enemies we have is routine – being stuck in our ways. I highly recommend trying something new at least every quarter. A new tool. Approach. Some kind of technology. Target segment. Referral method.

Forcing ourselves to try something new every quarter, or whatever timeframe works best for you, enables us to get out of the rut and gradually make improvements in terms of our business and our sales.

17. Get out of the building

I’ve personally found one of the most powerful sales productivity tips – especially when we are faced with problems or challenges – to be this: go outside. Take a walk in the park; literally. Clear your mind, and you’ll be surprised at what new approaches come to you, without effort on your behalf.

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Team up with others

18. Leverage the goodwill of others

Many times, there is quite literally a small army of people who were willing to help us, if only we would ask. Sure, you could spend hours on LinkedIn and social media trying to find some kind of a hook to reach out to that executive you’re targeting. Or, you could simply find a common connection and ask them for a referral.

Leveraging the goodwill of others is one of the most powerful ways to building shortcuts, transforming our results as well as giving others an opportunity to savor the satisfaction of helping a fellow human being.

19. “Buddy up”

On and off throughout my career, I’ve teamed up with others in a sort of unofficial 1-on-1 coaching relationship. We helped each other overcome challenges, find new, creative ways of doing things and pull each other up when we were down.

If it makes sense to you, I would highly recommend you find a “buddy” and setting up a weekly call or meeting to share and exchange ideas and push each other to try new things.

20. Build an accountability network

Similar to the point above, I highly recommend building an accountability network – a group of people with whom you share your goals, objectives and what you’re trying to accomplish. Just the simple fact of knowing that others are aware of what you are trying to accomplish will often be enough to keep going when things get a little tough.

Shared accountability is a strong social mechanism for making sure we stay true to our path and achieve our goals.

21. Be a copycat

Nobody said you have to do everything by yourself – very often, copying tried and tested approaches from others is a great way to find new sales productivity practices to adopt. So go find some interesting voices out there. Listen to what they have to say.

Observe what your more successful colleagues, or top sellers inside your firm do. And over time, you may well find you will become one of them.

What sales productivity tips do you have ? What methods have you found that work for you ? And which tools do you use to boost your everyday sales productivity, focus and results ?