Trust sells. In a world where many markets are increasingly commoditised, vendors are overwhelmed with information and a plethora of options present themselves to solve a single problem, a powerful shortcut exists in the decision making process.

In RAIN Group’s recent research around “What Sales Winners Do Differently”, 3 out of the Top–10 factors that makes buyers decide to buy from firm A versus firm B were related to trust (and risk). In addition to “who can solve my problem ?” buyers increasingly ask “who can I trust ?”. In this webinar with Charlie Green, David Tovey and myself, we explored why trust sells, specifically focusing on:

Building trust

  • The fundamentals of trust: what it is, and isn’t
  • The Trustworthiness Equation & “4 Factors”
  • The single most important driver of trust
  • Type I/II errors and how to appear more trustworthy

The flipside of trust: risk

  • The forgotten factor: the role of risk
  • How trust sells and influences (B2B) buying decisions
  • The 3 levels of RAIN Selling: a roadmap to building buyer trust

Unfortunately, due to technical issues our “third man” David Tovey could not join us for the webinar (apparently, you can’t always trust technology). But that did leave more time for a very deep Q&A (starting around 31’’ or so).

Trust sells. If you’re searching for practical, yet powerful ways to set yourself apart in a crowded market. If you’re wondering how to build long term relationships and become known as a “trusted advisor” to your clients. And if you want develop a deeper understanding of one of the most powerful human “shortcuts” for how we make decisions, this webinar’s for you.