How To Close A Sale: What Sales Winners Do Differently


If you’ve ever wondered how to close a sale, but then lost out to a competitor, you’ve pondered this question. “What did they have (that I didn’t)” ? As it turns out, it’s not so much about what they have, but about what they do. Specifically, what sales winners do differently is this: they bring…

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Selling To The C-Suite ? 5 Questions To Ask Before The Meeting

Selling To The C-Suite

As a former management consultant, corporate executive and entrepreneur, I’ve sat in on more meetings with senior executives than I care to remember. Most went OK. Some were great. And some went horribly wrong. So what was the difference ? Invariably, I found that a big part of the difference was made by whether or…

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3 Steps To Success With Social Selling

Success With Social Selling

“Does social selling really work ?”. An impossible question to answer. Because the right question to ask isn’t if it works, but how it works. I rely heavily on using social selling strategies in my own sales process. I use social media to research prospects, build relationships, establish my personal brand, connect with decision makers and…

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The Truth About Social Selling (Feat. Matt Heinz)

There is a lot of talk about “social selling” these days. Some of it’s good. Most of it’s rehashed thinking or stuff that – maybe – works if you’re selling widgets in a call center. But if you’re selling high-end complex services, having 10000 “Likes” on Facebook, scanning Twitter for “server down” or spamming Linkedin groups…

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How to get your prospects attention (Cliff Pollan)

Finding it hard to get your prospect’s attention ? How many e-mails do you get per day ? And how many of those have attachments ? Think you get a lot ? Imagine you’re a corporate executive. Now take that number, and multiply it by a factor of ten. Now you’re getting close. I’ll let you in…

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Put your sales e-mail on steroids (With Toutapp Founder TK)

Sales e-mail. What if a nifty little tool called Tout app was able to shave 30-60 minutes off your workday ? By simply streamlining your sales e-mail ? No doubt you’ve noticed that anywhere from 40-60% of all the e-mail you send is pretty similar. Meeting confirmations, proposal e-mails, follow-up e-mails. You name it. And…

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How To Generate Leads For Your Professional Services Business (With Ian Brodie)

Wondering how to generate leads ? Get more meetings ? Ian Brodie and I spark some ideas off each other. Especially when they talk about high-end, B2B corporate lead generation. Find out why in this interview where I talk with Ian Brodie about how to generate leads. Ian has over 20 years of experience selling…

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Social media and sales: match made in heaven ? (With Barbara Giamanco)

Social media and sales ? Stop making cold calls. Use social media to sell instead. But wait. Social media, that’s about marketing. Right ? Inbound marketing, specifically. But what if you could use social media and sales would go up ? Research buyer needs online ? Find out when prospects are ready to buy ? And reach out…

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