Selling Benefits Or Features ? Stop.

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Stop selling features. Start selling benefits.

Once upon a time, that was solid advice. The idea was that what buyers were really interested in was the (positive) result you could get them – not the bells and whistles of your product. But in today’s environment of complex buying cycles, risk-averse behavior and increasing complexity in how decisions are made, is selling benefits really still the best approach ?

RAIN Group’s latest research suggests otherwise – one of the TOP-10 factors that (700) B2B buyers say makes them buy from firm A over firm B is that the “overall value from the company is superior to other options”.

But what is “value” ? What are its components ? And how do you measure it ?

Selling Benefits Vs. Selling Features ? Stop. Sell Value Instead.

In this interview with Mike Genstil, CEO of Visualize ROI, we sit down to talk about why selling benefits is no longer enough – and how to quantify the often elusive concept of “value”. Watch this interview, and hear Mike and I discuss:

  • The eternal debate on the role of emotion vs. ratio in sales (and why it’s obsolete)
  • How to overcome a buyer’s “natural” scepticism when presenting ROI
  • How to quantify value during the 57% of the buying cycle that happens online
  • Mike’s helpful suggestions on how to quantify the notoriously-hard-to-prove value of (professional) services
  • How successful sales professionals use ROI calculators and business cases to advance the sale


If you liked the interview, you can find out more about Visualize ROI here.


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