Selling myths. When I reached out to Dan Waldschmidt, I knew this was going to be an interview like no other.

You see, Dan has a bit of a rep when it comes to how he sees the world. Tom Searcy (whose interview you can find here) says he “cuts like a battleaxe to the real truth”, so that should tell you a thing or two.

Debunking Myths About Selling With Dan Waldschmidt

Watch (or listen) to this interview, and see what happens when Dan and I go debunking selling myths:

  • Why [tweetherder]“calling high up” is almost always a bad idea[/tweetherder]
  • Why you’re not in charge of the sales process (even though your ego might feel otherwise)
  • Why (if you want to actually close new business) [tweetherder]sales is not a “numbers game”[/tweetherder]
  • Dan’s super-secret “reframing technique” (or what he says when his wife asks “when are you coming home ?”)
  • Why Dan does not believe in putting bags on lawnmowers (but is big on the value of hard work and doing things your way)


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