If you’re selling professional services, you may have found recent years to be particularly challenging. As someone who spent close to two decades buying and selling professional services, I’ve certainly noticed a change or two.

More and more competitors are entering the same space. The big ones are going after smaller gigs, and boutique firms selling professional services are aggressively going after new business. Budgets are down, clients are leveraging their position of power when negotiating and sales cycles are – once more – getting longer. Buyers are more risk-averse than ever before, and more and more internal voices need to be heard before it’s time to make a decision.

Which leaves those selling professional services wondering: what do we do now ?

On a near daily basis, I speak with partners or managing directors of firms selling professional services – many of whom tell me business is down. And all of who are seeking advice on how to get more clients, get more business and increase their firm’s profitability and revenues. All of whom instinctively understand they need to start doing things differently. And all of whom wonder what “differently” really means.

Truth is: there are no easy answers. Selling professional services is a complex sale, with many moving parts and levers to pull. Many of those selling professional services I speak with are producing great content and thought leadership. Many have an impressive online brand, and are active on social media. Many continue to proactively go out and solicit new clients. Many are encouraging more of their people selling professional services to go out and proactively source opportunities.

Yet few have an overarching strategy that combines all of those elements. Few approach selling professional services in a strategic, concerted manner.

When I first interviewed Aaron Ross in the Coaching Masters Series, I was blown away by his systemic approach to lead generation. For Aaron, generating leads is definitely more science than art. Whilst at Salesforce.com, he developed a $100 M revenue stream out of thin air. That’s impressive in my book. So I started wondering.

“How did he do it ?”

Rigorous experimentation and measurement. Followed by more experimentation, and tweaking. Resulting in a marketing machine, and a repeatable, reliable process to generate predictable revenue. So, naturally, I got curious. Wondered whether what he teaches could be applied to selling professional services as well. So did Aaron, so we decided to get together and do a webinar on “Selling Professional Services: Winning The Professional Services Sale”.

Watch this webinar replay, and:

  • [tweetherder]Discover the #1 mistake virtually all those selling professional services make[/tweetherder] (significantly reducing their ability to attract new clients)
  • Learn a simple “secret” to ensure you connect on all levels with potential B2B buyers and “speak their language”
  • [tweetherder]Find out what the top–5% of those selling professional services do differently[/tweetherder] (and the kind of results they achieve)
  • Uncover the “3 pillars” any successful lead generation campaign should have in order to generate an abundance of leads (based on Aaron’s experience in developing a $100M revenue stream for Salesforce.com)

“Selling Professional Services – 5 Simple Steps To Win At Selling Professional Services.”

If you are selling professional services, do you find it hard to generate a steady flow of qualified new leads ? Which strategies have you found that work well ? What kind of results did you get ?

Let me know in the comments below.