There’s a lot of talk about “selling to the c-suite” these days.

It’s like it’s the Holy Grail of selling. If only I got a penny for all the consultants, coaches, lawyers and other high-end advisors who told me “if I can just get into the room with a senior executive, I can make things happen. I can sell.”

Hang on. Not so fast, Jack.

Having been in hundreds of meetings with senior executives and vendors (or just people trying to sell them on an idea), I can categorically say most people make three crucial mistakes when trying to convince executives to take action. Because selling to senior executives is fundamentally different from – say – selling to a mid level manager or functional specialist. And the problem is, [tweetherder]selling to senior executives is a high-stakes game.[/tweetherder]

You can win big. But you can also lose. And when you do, it’s often game over.

Watch the video below, and find out what the three core mistakes are (and what you can do to to avoid them). And if you’re interested in finding out more and taking action, there’s a bonus for you at the end.

Selling To The C-Suite: 3 Core Mistakes To Avoid When “Selling To Senior Executives”

Discover the three crucial mistakes most people make when selling to the c-suite.

But that’s not all – if you’ve been following the Coaching Masters Series for a while, you’ll know Ian Brodie and I recently did a webinar together. The topic was lead generation, but we spent a fair amount of time talking about how to sell to senior folks in big corporations. So, rather than just give you my perspective, I reached out to Ian and asked if he wanted to chip in and share his views.

In this video, Ian shares a “secret” about senior executives he found on the Isle of Man (really, go check it out), the three things CxOs really care about and at the end, a simple yet highly effective strategy for building relationships with senior executives now and in the future.

Now go watch Ian share his secrets about selling to the c-suite.

If you’re selling a complex, high-end product or service to the c-suite, you really owe it to yourself to take ten minutes out of your day, and check out these two videos.