The more you sell, the less you win. I’m sorry. What ?

Back when Peter was a hard-nosed executive with firms like Accenture and IBM, he started noticing something funny. The less he sold, the more business he actually … won ? When he acted like a real person, he won. When he challenged his clients and pushed back, he won. When he had conversations instead of pitches, he won. And when he tried to sell, he lost. 

Unselling” topped the Amazon sales charts for months, and after I read it I could see his refreshing, non-conventional thinking on what it really takes to make a sale for what it was: wisdom. The wisdom of someone who – for over three decades – sold complex, high end services to senior corporate buyers. The wisdom that comes from analysis, not from echoing what everyone else is saying. The kind of wisdom that is – unfortunately – all too often drowned in a chorus of “me too” thinking.

But not this time.

Enough with the selling. How Unselling makes you (win) more with Peter Bourke.

Which is why I brought him on to the Coaching Masters Series. Watch Peter’s interview, and find out:

  • What UnSelling is – and where it came from
  • Why paradoxically, the more you sell the less you’ll win
  • What he means by “clients may need you, but that doesn’t mean they want you to win”
  • What we can do to stand out from our competitors (hint: clients usually can’t tell us apart)
  • The biggest ways in which Unselling is different from – well – selling
  • Peter’s most important strategies to win without selling (out of a list of 22)
  • When – and why – it pays to “rub a client the wrong way”
  • If it looks like consulting, smells like consulting, acts like consulting, it must be …
  • When “you know you have it right”

After you’re done watching this interview, do yourself a favor. Pick up a copy of “Unselling”, download it on your Kindle, iPad or whatever other device you are using and read it (you’ll love it).

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